Friday, October 3, 2014

A Fall Tree

Day 3 

I.  Love.  Fall.  I also LOVE Christmas trees.  What better way to bring out a "Christmas" tree in AUGUST, than to call it a FALL tree!

{My after Christmas clearance tree from a couple years ago.  I've since added a piece of fall fabric underneath for a skirt.}

I love having a tree in this part of the kitchen.  I found some fall lights (on sale) at A.C. Moore and they give such a nice warm glow.

I found some burlap tags (CLEARANCE at JoAnn) and decided to use them on the tree.

I cut up some fall scrapbook paper I already had and sewed the pieces to the tag, then added ribbon and raffia.

I wrapped the tree in raffia and added some fall picks and a bow at the top and she was done.

I have some things that would look great on a Halloween themed tree.  I would hate to take everything off this tree with fall continuing on after Halloween.  Hmmm...I just might have to bring another tree upstairs!!! 

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