Saturday, October 4, 2014

Just Peachy

Day 4 

Last week I was busy canning peaches.  

{Wow, what a mess.  A bigger kitchen would be awesome for this kind of stuff!}

I'd already made some peach salsa.  YUM!

We went out to a farm a week ago and bought more peaches.  What to do with them??  Peach jam?  Oh no!  I didn't have enough sugar!  Got Mike to run out to the store with me for sugar.

Oops, forgot I wanted to do SPICED peach jam!  While the first jars were in the canner I added the spices to what was left of the jam.  

I still had SO many peaches.  How about peach pie filling?  Oh no! I didn't have lemon juice.  It was getting late, so I just sliced the peaches and waited until morning to run to the store again.  I did manage to get several bags of peaches in the freezer.  We'll use those later for smoothies.  Pancakes.  Muffins.  ???

I finally got the lemon juice and I was able to make the pie filling.  I think I could have used a lot more peaches for the filling.  It might be better for peach crisp or cobbler than for a pie.  It is good though.  I had a bit left and tried it on ice cream!

Now I've got to work on reorganizing the pantry for all these jars.  Next up, apples and tomatoes.  NOT together.  Eww.

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