Thursday, August 8, 2013

Louvered Door Potting Table

I've had THIS louvered door for a couple years now.  I bought it at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $1!!!  For a while it stood up against a wall in the family room.  I think later it stood in the garage.  It moved with us across the country.  Last year I "planted" it along with a bicycle in the back yard.  You can see that HERE.  I'm pretty sure the neighbor didn't like the way it towered over his hedges and Mike always wondered WHY I had a door to nowhere out in the middle of the flower bed.

It sat in the yard all winter long.  (Not good for the poor door)  I finally took it out and it sat against a wall outside, then stood in the basement for a while till I figured out what to do with it.  I've been searching Pinterest and finally decided to make a potting table of sorts.  I was thinking something like this:
Old Door Potting Bench
{I found this HERE.  This was sold on Etsy, but is now sold out.}

Several weeks ago we bought the wood needed for the frame and we bought two legs.  The wood/legs sat around for a LONG time.  We finally got started a couple weeks ago.  On one of the hottest days ever!

It didn't occur to me till later that I could have put an old vintage door knob on the door if we hadn't covered up the hole!  I wanted to be able to attach the frame to the door across the middle though, so there was no way around it.  I could still put one on later above the hole.  It's not like it would actually be used anyway!

I had planned to paint it all kinds of crazy colors - Imagine the neighbor's shock when instead of seeing the tip top of the white door over his hedges he saw the entire crazy colored thing every time he came out his back door!  Instead, we searched through our paint supply left behind by the previous owners and found paint to match the house.  I know, boring...but it was FREE and free is ALWAYS good!  

We gave it a good clean and brought it down to the basement to start the amazingly fun job of painting.  Do you know how (NOT) fun it is to paint a louvered door with a brush?!  
{Hmmm...Someone* sure likes Mt. Dew!  *hint* It is NOT me!}

  {See how well it will match the house?}

I bet you were excited to see the finished table, weren't you?  Sorry to disappoint.  I've been working hard to get this finished for you, but we're going camping this weekend, so the potting table will have to wait till next week.  I was so excited yesterday to find just enough wood in the shed (again, left behind by previous owners) to use for the table/shelves, but it looks to be some rather nice wood.  We decided to save it for a future project - Maybe not something to attach to a $1 door that's going to sit out in the New England weather.  (I'm thinking coffee table for the front porch!!  I have the perfect yard sale legs for it too!)  

I'm planning to paint the table/shelves the same purple as the legs.  What do you think?  I'm going to put it right here in this corner on the patio.  We have a table and 6 chairs in that space as well.  I'm thinking I could actually use it as a potting table OR I could use it as a buffet if it ever cools off enough to eat outside.  

I can't wait to show you the finished product!

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  1. It's too pretty to be just a potting table. I'd go with the buffet/potting table combo myself...

  2. I love to re-purpose things into a something other than what it was intended for :o) When we lived in Ft Campbell, I "salvaged" a very heavy wooden door that had 6 small panes of glass...My hubby was deployed and I saw it being torn off of an old military building, so I stopped the car and asked if I could take it away for them... (It was heavy! and I know they thought "Really??") But they helped me load it in the back of our suburban and I hauled it to the front yard of our military housing and propped it against the side wall that was by our front door and planted flowering moon flowers, morning glories and other flowers all around it. I LOVED it and wanted to have the packers haul it to Georgia, but I agreed with my hubby that we truly had toooo much stuff, so I ended up leaving it behind :o(

    I can't wait to see your finished product too!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  3. Can't wait to see it! I think it will match perfectly and look super cute!

  4. Agree with all above comments - far too pretty to be just a potting table! Congrats!

  5. You'll have the most elegant potting table anywhere!

  6. wow love it. the purple will look good. if you get some PVC table cloth you could use it for potting when needed whip the cloth off and then use for a side table, maybe stand a lovely plant on it when not in use LOVE it

  7. ooo...that's fun!
    Tracy's idea above is a good one!

  8. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product...

    I really like the colors... They go really well together!

    Lovely post for the letter "L"!

    Thanks for linking.