Wednesday, July 31, 2013

in my Kitchen

After painting the living room/dining room, it was time to start on the kitchen.  It's been done for quite a while, but yesterday I did a quick clean up and decided to take a few pictures.  We painted the kitchen, living/dining room the same colors and also added black chalkboard paint.

Here's a view from the sun porch.  This is where we enter the house, so there are usually piles on every flat surface you see as you come through this door!
{Someday we'd like to replace the dresser with a real that stool...paint the other stools, but it works fine for now.}

Our kitchen is SO narrow down at the end.  It is really not comfortable (for me) to have anyone else in there if I'm cooking or washing dishes.  It is barely 6 feet wide at the end - including the cabinets!  I'd love to see what it looked like back when it was built in 1932.
{I don't think the end of the kitchen will ever be free of dishes.  There are always either clean or dirty dishes there!}

{This is the original kitchen sink.  It's down in the basement next to the washer and dryer.  It's huge, but not very deep.}

We now have all new black appliances.  Our (white) fridge died just 2 or 3 days after moving in last year so we had to replace it.  This summer we bought an oven and microwave to match.
{Fresh baked pumpkin bread and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies under cover on the stove!}

{White appliances and mint green walls.}

I've always wondered how this space (beyond the dresser) was used when the house was first built.  The whole room is just such an odd shape.  I think the previous owner's had the dining table here, but ours is too big and I really wanted a "coffee station" on that red wall.  We bought a new light fixture.  The previous owner's had a real "dining room" light that hung down too far.  Not good for our 6'6" tall son!!  
{I made the curtains back in May and I'm working on painting the little desk in front of the window.  You'll see more of it in another post.}

{You can see our air popper in the background (we have yet to find a home for it) in front of our $9.99 thrift store bread machine!  It was like new when we bought it and it works great!  It's VERY loud, but it works great!}

We cleaned up the desk area the other day.  The big shelf had been full of junk, so I put a bunch of my cookbooks there instead.  The desk is one of those flat surfaces that everybody usually drops stuff on when they enter the room!  It's been looking nice for a WEEK now!  
{The dog is asleep on the bed I made from old jeans.  Most of the time her head and neck are hanging off the bed or she has her head shoved up against the wall.  If someone is sitting in the chair, then you'll find her squished up under the desk at your feet!}

Trying to decide on wall color* for the kitchen.  I think at one time we had 6 samples on the wall.  Those came AFTER trying yellow!!!  The pink wall on the left is the wall at the base of the stairs.  The green wall on the right is the end of the kitchen.  (Which is now painted black.)

*We chose Sand Fossil (by Behr) 770C-3.  I like the color - most of the time.  Someday I'll show you what it looks like in the hall upstairs - GREEN!  The red wall in the kitchen is also Behr.  Maybe Red Tomato 170B-7, but I'm not sure.  The other two walls I painted with black chalkboard paint.

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  1. I really like all the wood in your kitchen. I seems very warm and friendly.

  2. Wow! Wonderfully creative kitchen and great photos for K ~ thanks ~ enjoy !

  3. Love the way the kitchen looks now! That really is narrow, but you've decorated it so that you don't notice the small space. I love the dog's pillow. Looks like she's quite cozy!

  4. What a wonderful kitchen! I love that you have a desk so close to the kitchen.

  5. the black appliances makes it look modern. quite a well-lived, well used kitchen.

    hope you have a sweet day.

  6. We had our kitchen redone 2 years ago -that was a lot of fun, because you use it every day! Like the cabinets of your kitchen very much:)

  7. Love black appliances -- we have them too, and they just update a 60s kitchen on their own! Your red wall for the coffee station is great -- a fun pop of color!

  8. ahhh.. I love beagles! Your kitchen looks lovely, I love the red and the wood and the black appliances are just perfect!

  9. This looks so nice...warm, cheerful, colorful, just lovely :)

  10. Wow, it's come a long way! Beautiful job.

  11. Your home is so lovely and cozy and like mine, a family lives there. That is the best. Love those curtains.

  12. It looks so warm and inviting! a dresser for an island! Now that's clever! The kitchen is the hub of my house, too.
    great curtains!

  13. I love what you have done with your kitchen...

    The kolors are really kool!

    Killer post for the letter "K".

    Thanks for linking.


  14. Monica,
    I love all the wood trim in your kitchen! We live in a 1928 house and I feel so lucky that the previous 3 owners hadn't painted the lovely wood trim.
    I did have to remove . . . well it was durable, I'll give it that . . . wallpaper, and made the walls Screamin' yellow, but that just lets the next occupants have something to gripe about, right? In the meantime, my sunny kitchen is a place I love.

  15. I love all the wood in your kitchen! It's BEAUTIFUL! Trying to not be jealous as I go into my sad kitchen to make breakfast now... haha