Thursday, September 6, 2012

Planted a Bicycle

I had planned to do more than just plant the bicycle itself.  I was going to fill it's basket with flowers and decorate the door.  Well, time got away from me, but I did get it planted!

{Please pay no attention to the leaning door}

{Won't the bike look pretty with flowers hanging out of the basket}

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  1. I love it! You need mums for the Fall. Beautiful!

  2. I am pretty sure it would! Maybe you'll find the time, just in time for fall ;)

  3. I like the last photo a lot (the door makes it a nice vignette). I'm sure it will look even more beautiful with the flowers in the basket.

  4. What an interesting, fun idea! This is a beautiful picture and I bet it's gonna look gorgeous once you get those flowers in the basket. I saw someone use an old daybed as a planter. I would love to have an old fashion wheelbarrow in our yard to use as planter. Yeah, it's not original but it's quaint. Good post!

  5. Hi Monica ~~ I like bicycles in gardens. My sister and I have our old bike, she wants to throw it away. Neither of us have a garden. Ours is a Pre-WWII Sears girls bike similar to the one you have.

    You have a nice blog and part of what makes it so nice is that you write a lot about your family things. Even more than I do.

    Way back in 1961 I moved to Manchester, N.H, from El Paso, Texas. It was for my first job as a civilian after my five army years. The four of us drove up in a 1951 Ford with over 100,000 miles on it.

    I really enjoyed our three years in New Hampshire, I hope you do also. As old a state as it is, most everything still seems nice an fresh. (Probably due to a lack of people.)
    Oh yes, the door looks nice all painted up. And thanks for peeking in on my Paris mine-tour.

  6. I love this idea and can't wait to see how your garden evolves!

  7. Cute in front of your door -- and will be super cute with flowers spilling out of its basket!

  8. I love that bike!

    You have such a perfect sense of design!

    Design Star?

    That would be awesome!

    Thanks for letting us pop in and see your wonderful creativity!