Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Master Bedroom Before

The master bedroom is the last of all our rooms to have anything done to it.  I haven't done much at all, but I do have ideas.  I figured since I'm posting a before...There's going to have to be an after.  Right?  I'm hoping to get to our room after the kids start school.

Here's what it looked like last year before we moved in.
{Those walls are CORAL.  The previous owners left the paint in case we need to do any touch up work.  Um.  No thank you.}

Here's what it looks like today.  (Same wall as above.)
{The bed is centered on the wall, but not on the window.  I'm hoping I can "fix" that with a strategically placed curtain.}

This is what I'd like the bedroom to look like.  I love all the white woodwork, but we won't be painting ours any time soon.  I plan to keep the mirrors and our lamps and probably the bedding, but the furniture can go.  (We've had it 15+ years and before that it belonged to my parents!)  I'd love white nightstands and dressers and maybe a fabric covered headboard.  I've even thought about a small desk on the left side of the bed as a nightstand.


On the wall to the left of the bed I plan to hang something (white) to hang purses on.  I bought a small quilt rack/shelf at a yard sale for $5.  I painted it white and plan to hang this old quilt made by my grandmother.  I found this drawing of a bird in a bright yellow mat clearance at TJ Maxx and I've been thinking about hanging it up too.  I might also add a bit of yellow on the bed somewhere.  We'll see.  

I hope to have this room finished soon...I am so sick of waking up to those coral walls!!!

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  1. Am certain everything will look beautiful when it's all finished!

  2. I am amazed at how people can bring together color and texture and furniture to make a beautiful landscape in a room. Your ideas look gorgeous.

  3. I LOVE the little bird picture. We recently started a bedroom makeover to ours as well. Our color palette is that of a cracked egg in a cast iron pan. Greys and yellows. Its partly done but I'm still working on wall decor. I cant wait to see your room when its done.

  4. Coming over from the Fresh Eggs blog hop. I'd love to have your share your "before" and "after" bedroom at What to do Weekends party on my blog. Following. Linda

  5. Working on your room sounds like fun! Would you consider painting the furniture to make it white or are you just completely tired of it?
    The bird picture and quilt will be great additions!

  6. The plan you have for your master bedroom sound magnificent...

    I am looking forward to seeing the finished masterpiece!

    Marvelous post for the letter "M"...

    Thanks for linking.