Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Front Porch

Day 15

Here is what our front porch looks so far this fall.  I'd love a wreath to go on the window (and the one you can't see behind me).

My favorite thing about the porch are the pumpkins...because they were FREE from our garden!  

I made the little tree last year for fall, but I don't know if I've ever turned the lights on.  It's just a tomato cage turned upside down and it's wrapped in burlap ribbon and lights.

We made the bench back when we lived in New Mexico, but I don't think I've showed it here at this house.  It used to be this kind of ugly yellowish color, but when we got here I painted it white to match this house.

We got our plastic adirondack chairs at a garage sale for $5!  I love sitting out there with a cup of coffee.  We can even sit out there in the rain/wind/snow.  See the rope on the left behind the chairs?  That is attached to a curtain that we can lower and snap in place (You can see it rolled up in the first photo).  Now if only this heat and humidity would go away, I could get back to my porch!

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  1. Still love your porch. I meant to mention the burlap tree. Is it a frame of some sort or a tomato cage? It is really cool. Thanks for accepting the invite and joining me. The linky stays Fall through the end of the month. November 1 it will change to Thanksgiving! Please come by and link any themed posts!
    Have a great weekend.