Thursday, May 1, 2014

X-Country Road Trip

This week we're heading almost half way across the country to Missouri.

We'll go through 11 states before we're finished.

We'll visit friends and family.  We'll see Niagara Falls.

Hopefully we'll get to go to Krispy Kreme and Bob's Big Boy!

But what we're MOST excited about is picking up grandma and our two college kids to bring home!!!

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  1. I'm envious. I'd love to see Niagara Falls again. Many, many years ago I lived in Athens, GA. I was pregnant and the only thing I could eat was the Shoney's Big Boy. It was Shoney's in Georgia. I've never forgotten that little guy.

  2. Hi! What an exciting trip! Although I would love to go to Niagara Falls, my oldest brother honeymooned there in 1963. I think picking up grandma and the college kids is awesome. We leave for Kansas Wednesday May 14 to get our youngest son. I hope the weather is warm but not boiling! enjoy and have a beautiful week. Also if you would like to send a card to sweet blogger LaVoice (LV) at Thoughts from Meme's Corner please contact me at my e mail for her address: She got very ill last week and they can not find out what is wrong with her. I met her and her niece Suzanne (ColoradoLady) a few years ago. Wonderful people. I am also new following you. Hugs, Anne

  3. What a neat trip! I know you're long back by now, but your family makes everything so much fun!

    I hope you got your Krispy Kremes! Yum!