Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wheelbarrow Garden Planter

I wish I had pictures of my own wheel barrow to show you.  I'm going to start searching for an old rusty wheelbarrow of my own.

I'd love to have one to park in my garden and fill with flowers.


Until then, I've got my bike basket to fill and all kinds of pots.  (I'd love more of those too!)

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  1. We finally dragged out an old rusty wheelbarrow from behind our shed -- it's been there for years! I want to plant flowers in it to brighten up the patio -- hope they'll look as pretty as the picture you found! Love your bicycle idea, and the enamel pots!

  2. I love old enamel pots - they make great planters!

  3. Your wheelbarrow full of flowers is so beautiful! Love it!

  4. Oh man! I had an old rusty wheelbarrow and got rid of it a couple of years ago! {sad face} This would have been perfect! Hope you find one soon. :D

  5. I have an old rusty wagon. I call it my mobile garden. I've got two pepper plants and a tomato plant. I wheel it around the yard during the day so it gets enough sun. I'm afraid it might not last the summer because the bottom is pretty rusty even with holes drilled to drain water.