Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Garden

We've been working on the garden for the last month or so.  We're still kind of new to this so we hope it all works out.  We have a section on the left for wildflowers.  Then there are five other sections for the vegetables.  

We're going to try to grow pumpkins in the first section.

Cucumbers (up the little white fence) in the next section with spinach behind that.  More to come in the empty space, but I'm not sure what.

In the next section there  is a row of swiss chard and space for something else.

Next up is squash - spaghetti, yellow and zucchini.

After that we're hoping for watermelon and cantaloupe!

At the very end are tomatoes.  I also planted marigold seeds at the ends and basil in the middle.

In pots at the end of the garden we have peas, yellow & red peppers, eggplant and strawberries.  Today we counted six tiny berries!  :)  Wish I had help from my grandpa on the strawberry plants.

It's so fun to go out every couple days and find something new popping up.  I'll post again next week so you can see the progress too.

What do you have growing in your garden?

1 comment:

  1. I love your garden! Can't wait to see how it comes along. We usually grow tomatoes, bell peppers and onions. Salsa makings! Then we through in a few different things like squash, black eyed peas. This year we have planted nothing. We are being LAZY about it. I miss it!

    One year we planted a BUNCH of pumpkins, but only the little varieties grew. I don't think we watered enough for this HOT TEXAS weather for the big ones. But, I'm going to try again someday. :)

    Have fun with it!