Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A List


I found this list on Inspired by Charm.  I'm too late to follow along, but thought I'd try it anyway.

making :  I'm sewing some Christmas stockings, zippered pouches and ruffly totes.
cooking :  Homemade Mac-N-Cheese, Potato Soup, Bread (Not all at the same time)
drinking :  I usually drink coffee for breakfast, then just water throughout the day.  I'm waiting for the perfect fall day to make some mulled cider.
reading :  I'm looking for something to read.
wanting :  I'd love a little vintage trailer to fix up.
looking :   I've been looking all over for a poster from London I bought YEARS ago.  I'd like to finally frame it and put it on the wall.  **March 2014 - I found it!!
wishing :  I'm wishing we lived closer to our older kids and other family.

wasting :   I'm wasting my time on the computer.  I should be doing laundry.
enjoying :   The sounds of bedtime.
waiting :   I'm waiting for fall to REALLY come...I want to wear jeans and sweaters and boots!
liking :  The fact that I get a day to myself tomorrow.
wondering :  Why it was so hot today?  Where is fall?
loving :   I'm loving my headboard chalkboard.
hoping :   I'm hoping to win the lottery.  Can that happen if I don't play???
listening:  I'm listening to Mumford and Sons and similar.
marveling :   I'm loving the fall colors in New England.
needing :   I need a new wardrobe.

smelling :   I'm smelling all the fall scented candles I have in the house.
wearing :   I'm wearing nothing exciting.  I need some new jeans.
following :  Alisa Burke  Inspired By Charm  Dear Mushka  Art, Design & Savings
noticing :   That it's getting dark earlier...And New Englanders can't drive.

thinking :  I'm thinking it's 9pm and the kids should really be in bed.
opening : A new package of toilet paper.  We're always running out.
giggling :  At the cuteness of a new cousin.
watching :  Downton Abbey and Revolution online.
feeling :  tired.

Bring on Fall!

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