Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Did it Work Wednesday - Pinterest Inspired Pillows

Maybe this doesn't qualify as a "Did it Work" post?  Since my origninal idea for Did it Work Wednesday involved trying recipes or craft/decor projects from Pinterest, I thought an idea inspired by Pinterest should qualify.  Maybe I should call it Pinspiration Wednesday?!


Here is my version.  I used a dropcloth for the cover and covered pillows I already had.  They're FLAT pillows, but again, I already had them.  I painted the words on, then sewed around each letter with black thread.

pennant banner pillow
{Pinspiration - This is the link to Pinterest.  There is a link to a blog, but it doesn't go directly to the picture.}

Here is my version.  I love how the flags are so loose on the Pinspiration, but with kids and a dog, I thought I should sew them down.  Now I'm thinking I should have added ruffles too!

Here are a couple others I also made.  I used a dropcloth for all of them and fabric scraps and paint I had.  I love when I can make something from things I already have!

This one I made with scraps from my kitchen curtains.

This one I painted and sewed like the first one.

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  1. Your things turned out really cute! Did you do it all in one day! You are so crafty! - Mom