Thursday, June 6, 2013


Technically it's a brook, but I'm going to go with Creek, so I can play along with Alphabe-Thursday this week.

Saturday we drove up the road to Merrimack, NH.  We'd found a couple parks online and decided to check them out.  It was 95 + degrees out and SO humid.  I hate heat, but I hate humidity even more.  The second park we found made venturing out in the humidity worth it.  We'll definitely go back again when it's cooler.

"Twin Bridge Park in Merrimack, New Hampshire, features a baseball field, playground, pic-nic area and extensive hiking trails through the 27 acres of woods along Baboosic Brook."

The creek ends in a big pond so we all took our shoes off and put our feet in.  It was amazing how much just getting our feet wet cooled us off!

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  1. Can we go there when ever I can get my butt to NH? I'm glad you guys got out and that the yuck weather went away. Loved the pictures. HUGS!!

  2. I would call that a creek, but out here in the West, that would qualify as a river!

  3. I'm not sure if there's any difference between a brook and a creek...except its name. At any rate, this creek sounds perfect for cooling off hot feet. :)

  4. Wow, that is great scenery! I"m pretty sure the water doesn't care what it's called ;)

  5. I can feel myself relaxing just gazing at these photos...

  6. Such beautiful photos, you can almost hear the water rushing. And, to know you ended the walk in a toe wiggling way just makes it so special!

  7. I love to sit by running water and just drink in nature. What beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing! {:-Deb

  8. I can't stand heat or humidity either but I'd consider the adventure by the "creek" worth it too, judging by the photographs.

    Cool post for the letter "C"!

    Thanks for linking.