Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dining Room

Our dining room seems to be ever changing.  One thing that will stay the same (for a while anyway) is the paint.  It took forever to agree on a color and we used it throughout A LOT of the house.  I have to admit, it's not my favorite (it looks GREEN in some places!), but we have more rooms to paint.  I'm not about to stop and repaint the dining room!  Here's how she looked before...

{Before furniture - WITH wallpaper}

{Wallpaper coming down}

{Wallpaper removed - still waiting for furniture}

Here she's mostly finished.  Now I'm working on the walls.

{I moved all the travel photos to the right corner and added a curtain}

{On the left I've started a travel gallery wall.  Since I hope we continue traveling, it's a work in progress.  That, and I'm still looking for old pictures and postcards to frame and hang.  I bought the huge frame at a garage sale and it sat empty till last week.  It still needs a little tweaking, but it lists all the places we've lived, our wedding date and the dates the kids were born.  It took forever and when I was done I wished I'd used the same font throughout.  Oh well!}
{There is a plate from Oregon that I got from a British woman when we lived in England.  A tile from one of our houses in Italy.  Our wedding invitation.  Postcards and pictures from places we've been.  A key from a house in Italy.  A small plate from Okinawa waiting for a plate hanger.  I've carried around a poster from London for years and years and if I can find it, it will go in the large space on the top left.  I'm excited to add more to it these walls.}

 {We eat most dinners together at the dining room table, but it's also a place to work on puzzles!  This is a fun one full of US license plates.  We've had quite a few of these on our cars!}

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  1. Wow, it's undergone quite a transformation! The license plate puzzle is great.

  2. Looks a ton better!! LOVE that cabinet!

  3. I love the way the whole family pitched in to help with the transformation. Enjoy your new dining room!

  4. I'm with Betty. I think it's great how the children chipped in to help. They will really appreciate and take better care of their new surroundings. I think your dining room looks lovely. Great job!

  5. I like the different fonts, I think your travel corner is something very special and will be a great "wall scrapbook" of your travels! Have a wonderful weekend! I love puzzles, as a pre-k teacher, my 4 year old students start with 10 to 12 piece puzzles but end the year working in partners on 100 piece puzzles. Great higher level thinking skills being developed!

  6. I love the travel gallery wall... Your dining room looks like a delightful place to dive in to a tasty dinner with the family!

    Darling post for the letter "D"!

    Thanks for linking.


  7. This looks almost the same as the paint in our house. And ours also has a little green tint to it in certain light. We like it though! Looking good!!!