Thursday, May 2, 2013

new meXico

The last place the Air Force sent us was the bottom, middle of nowhere New Mexico.  It wasn't our favorite place, but we managed to make the most of it.  :)

{Not so sure about the "land of enchantment", but it wasn't too bad I guess.}

{Sunset over our house.}

{The Old Apple Barn near Cloudcroft, NM.}

{We got more snow here than we ever did in Italy!}

{Cloudcroft, NM}

{A trip to Roswell, NM, isn't complete without a visit to the UFO Museum!}

{Up, up and away}

{White Sands National Monument}

{Pretty birds.}

For more on the letter "X", visit Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday.


  1. My SIL lives in Albuquerque -- different terrain and lots of cactus, but beautiful in its own way! I'm partial to Santa Fe and I'd love to visit Roswell one of these days!
    An open box of Hamburger Helper? No wonder it's free! I wonder if anyone ever picked it up!

  2. wonderful shots. I love visiting NM! I am not sure about living there though...

  3. Gorgeous photos! That's a place I'd love to visit!

  4. Nice photos. Always a vacation when I visit your blog. Thanks.

  5. I've been there.

    I think it'd be a nice to place to visit...


    Perhaps the free Hamburger Helper would sway my decision, though...ha!

    Xcellent link for the letter "X".