Thursday, April 25, 2013

Washington D.C.

It's Alphabe-Thursday and today's letter is "W".

In our move from Italy to the states we drove across country.  We began our journey in Washington D.C.  We walked around the city quite a bit and saw a lot of the Washington Monument.

{I had to get a picture of Zac reaching the top of the monument.  He wasn't thrilled.}

{The girls thought it was TALL.}


{Up through the trees.}

{Across the pond.}

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  1. Lovely post for W ~ Great shots on your trip ^_^

  2. It's all about perspective. You have a real knack for getting some interesting photos.

  3. Thank you, Monica, for the Washington picture. Mrs. Jim and I have been there three times, once on a U.S. tour like yours and the other times were with our college business club of which I seemed to always be the sponsor.

    The pictures reminded me to those and also when I moved from N.H. to Houston I drove through in March when all the cherry trees were in bloom. Sooo pretty!

    I don't blame Zac for not being thrilled, Mrs. Jim isn't thrilled with all the pictures I take either. It was neat of him reaching the top of the monument.

  4. Love the different ways you took interesting photos of the Washington monument. I live here and I hadn't seen photos like yours. It really is in the eye of a creative photographer.

  5. ooooh I love Washington D.C. Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing.

  6. DC has great monuments and buildings. I love going there to visit! {:-Deb

  7. Wow... These photographs turned out really cool...

    What a Wonderful family you have...

    Thank you for sharing this With us for the letter W...