Thursday, May 23, 2013

Awful Mess

I'm back for a new round of Alphabe-Thursday.  I missed the last couple weeks.  My parents were here for a week & a half...and they brought the college kids with them!  It was a great visit with mom and dad and it's  awesome having the kids home!

Now I'm trying to get back into a bit of a routine.  Even if it's only on Thursdays.  :)

Today, I thought I'd share with you the Awful mess that is my craft area.  I'm kind of embarrassed to be showing you these pictures.  Maybe just knowing that these pictures are out there will make me want to clean it up faster???  I don't know.  Probably not.  Anyway, here goes.

I think I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to craft supplies.  I don't buy new things that often, but I can't bring myself to get rid of the old.  :(  I'd really love a new shelf here in place of the white one.  I'm thinking an old hutch painted red.  Like this...

This is the "pantry" end of the craft space.  We had a water spill, so had to empty the shelf and pull up the carpet to let it dry.  I guess it's time I put everything away!

This is where I attempted to decorate.  I'd love to paint the walls aqua!

This is looking back from the family room.  Haley's desk and my work table....both COVERED with stuff.

Stay tuned.  Maybe one of these days we'll have this place cleaned up and we can take you on a proper tour.  For now, I'm off to do laundry.  There's one end of my basement that's somewhat organized!  I'd show you, but it's boring. 

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  1. Looks more like a real fun, creative area to me. Leave it alone and let your inner spirit soar with all that creative material around you.

    The red hutch is awesome. Red's my favorite color.

  2. the mess means you're being productive, so don't worry about it, at least not until you are under piles of stuff.

    have a sweet day.

  3. Wow! It looks like you enjoy a great variety of crafts and are well supplied! I bet you have a lot of fun in that room!

  4. looks like you have a lot of space available. I'm a saver too, and my small room would look a little like yours, but I would have boxes on top of boxes of paper, paint and stuff! I say, clean on small area at a time. Soon, everything will look great! {:-D

  5. It looks like my kitchen counters! Don't feel bad. Besides...I tell myself that I'm helping other women feel good about themselves. They can go home and enjoy their own places and feel good about their organizational skills.

  6. I bet there are so many amazing treasures in your craft room.

    I would have such an awesome time in here, I might get lost in all the possibilities.

    Thanks for linking to the letter A.