Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another Look at Venice

I've posted so many pictures of Venice.  It's one of my favorite places.  Today is Alphabe-Thursday and we're "studying" the letter "V".  What else would I blog about?

1.  This guy was amazing.  I don't know what it was that he was playing, but he was great at it.  He didn't just play with his hands.  He had strings tied to his feet that he used to play as well!
2.  A church somewhere in Venice.
3.  I took my oldest daughter for her 13th birthday - We spent 2 nights in Venice and had the BEST time!
4.  One of the many pastry shops.

The bell in St. Mark's Campanile and the view from the top.

My birthday trip - and one of my favorite pictures.

Checking out the fish market.  (Pescaria)

We loved going to feed the pigeons in St Mark's Square.  Dirty and gross, but really fun!

St. Mark's Square.  Another of my favorite pictures.

A few faces of Carnevale.

 A few faces of the market.

A reflection, a sign and some yummy yummy food.  (Valentine's Day is an awesome time to go to Venice!  Chocolate and goodies everywhere!)

 1.  Reflection
2.  A boat named Monica!  ....A GARBAGE boat!
3.  One of the many Traghetto (ferry) stops.  If you don't want to pay 100 Euro for a gondola ride, you can try out a quick ride across the canal and pay only 50 cents!

 The colorful homes of the island of Burano.  This is a quiet island.  They're known for making lace.

Venice is just as beautiful at night!  (Even the Nutella is beautiful!)

For more on the letter V, check out Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday.


  1. Wow! Stunning photos! I love them! I've never been to Venice but might get there one day. :-)

  2. Venice, Oh Venice!!! I love getting lost in Venice. I loved hanging with my friends in Venice. Ok Lets go. I need a girls day. Thanks for the reminders of such a beautiful place.

  3. Absolutely love the night picture! Nice virtual tour!

  4. These are lovely Venice pictures, Monica. I liked them all and the boat picture was great for Monica's blog!!!
    I think the "church somewhere in Venice" was St. Mark's Cathedral. Venice couldn't have the Disciple St. Mark's body but they did get his knee or leg or some similar part of his body to put there to rest.
    We didn't pay big bucks either, the water taxi does fine.

  5. wow, Venice is stunning! I hope I get to go there one day, especially during Carnivale- those photos are amazing <3

  6. beautiful photos. I went to Italy with my family last year and we stopped in Venice for a few nights. I had the best time - it was on my bucket list! {:-Deb

  7. Nice series of photos...presented very well. Looks to be a grand adventure♫

  8. Gorgeous -- thanks so much for sharing those.

  9. Thank you for sharing these Vivid Views from your Visits to Venice...

    This is a Very cool post for the letter V...