Friday, April 5, 2013

Thetford, Norfolk, England

Thetford's own website says, "Thetford is an ancient market town filled to the brim with history and heritage sites, quiet gardens, open parkland and a relaxing riverside..."  I just wish I had more pictures!

We lived for a while in Thetford, England.  It was a fun time.  That's where the older two kids started school.  It was a fun experience having them go to a British school.  I think so anyway...I hope they did too!

{1998 - Zac and Taylor in front of the town sign that was around the corner from our house.}

{Thetford Forest Park.  Taylor climbed to the top of this crazy giant squirrel on the playground.}

{I took this picture when I went back to visit friends in 2007.  The Subway was a new addition to downtown, but you post your mail in the same boxes!}

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  1. Lovely *T* post – great photographs & memories!

    Have a great weekend too!

    Visiting from Alphabe-Thursday!

  2. What's really fun about alphabet Thursday is I can visit other countries by just pushing a few buttons. I love the pictures and have always wanted to visit the UK. Thanks for the mini-vacation.

  3. That giant squirrel is cool!
    What lovely nostalgic photos!

  4. Looks like such a charming place!

  5. I loved living in Thetford! Miss you Monica!! <3 (In 1997 I had graduated high school and was in community college, hubby Josh was a Junior in high school!! HA!)

  6. I love how you have on your computer all these older pics!! Very cool...I can only go back Like your "T" images. Thanks for stopping by...appreciate it.

  7. Hi Monica ~~ I loved this post!!! I really like G.B. and the U.K. in general. We haven't been to Wales, I don't know why. We did go to the Isle of Man as 1/4 of my line is from there. I think back in about 1992 we visited Thetford when our nephew was taking us all around. He was a medic stationed at Lakenheath. Their first chld was born there. Since they have moved to Texas.

    Now our daughter lives and works in London. Their children go to U.K. schools, the oldest goes to the International School and the younger is in pre-school. The younger is studying French, takes swimming, dance, and art lessons as well as reading, math, etc. They are way ahead of ours here in Texas.

    Lastly, back in the 60's I lived in Manchester, N.H. I was a contractor who helped install and train the Air Force personell the New Boston Satellite Tracking station.

    I,ll check for your "U" word post later this week on a break from doing my income tax. I've written mine and there are trees in my pictures there.

  8. Oh my gosh.

    Look how little the kids are?

    How is that possible?

    This is such a terrific place! I'd like to visit there one day!

    Thank you for linking.