Thursday, November 15, 2012

Zip Zip Zipping Around

I don't know about you, but I hate to be busy!  I love to stay home.  I can get laundry done, organize my craft space, bake bread, paint walls, unpack, clean, watch tv, work in the yard, or let's face it...spend WAY too much time on the computer!  But at least I'm home and if I wanted to do those things, I could.  ;)

I'm a big wimp when it comes to having to Zip around town.  Yesterday I had a dr. appointment.  Then had to run to the store, then pick up one of the kids from basketball tryouts - She made the team!  While I'm excited for her, I must admit, I'm not excited about basketball season.

Today was a trip to the vet.

 Later a trip to the dentist.

Call me lazy, but I love being home!  

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  1. Thank you for visiting Pride in Photos today. Can I say, it is very refreshing to meet someone who will admit to love NOT being busy or leaving their home!! I work outside the home fulltime and it makes me miserable...because I long for home. Thanks for this great post. I am with you girl!

  2. I have been home this week as there is not work for me. That is bad because it follows that there will be no money for me either. Very, very bad. It has been nice to be home though because I love being home.

  3. You sound busy at home too! But I know what you mean -- at home you can take your choice of what you want to get done at that moment! Interesting dentist pic too!!

  4. I"m with you on that one; I'd rather be home writing on the computer or doing my weaving. But like you, I have lots of errands, for the kids, yes, the vet, and yes recently the dentist ( and gynocologist, and getting car washed after Sandy....) I would live in my slippers if I didn't have towalk the dog!

  5. I'd totally rather be at home! Still trying to work out a way to work from home and still make some money! ;)

  6. Nothing wrong in being happy to be home. So am I, and I am always busy, as I am sure, so are you :) Happy basketball season! LOL

    Saying 'hello' via Alphabe- Thursday - mine for letter 'Z' @ ImagesByCW is about Zug, Switzerland

  7. I always love being home the most, too, Miss M.

    That dentist picture was really cool!

    Zis whole post was fun!

    Thanks for linking.