Thursday, November 22, 2012



This week marks the start of Alphabe-Thursday Round SIX!  This time around I thought I'd try to stick to a theme.  (We'll see how it goes)  I'm going to go with TRAVEL.

A is for Austria.  Oh, I wish I could be there this weekend!  Austria is a great place to go in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  The Christmas Markets are Amazing!  We were able to visit several times while living in Italy.

{November 2006}

{December 2007 - Hellbrun.  I must admit, I added the snow with, but it DID snow while we were there.  It was FREEZING!}

{December 2007 - Salzburger Christkndlmarkt.}

{November 2008 - We actually had Thanksgiving here at this castle in Millstatt, Austria.  Calvary Chapel's Schloss Heroldeck.  It was a last minute, thrown together dinner by an American chef who happened to be staying there at the same time.  It was AMAZING!  Looks like they now offer Thanksgiving weekends complete with turkey dinner!}

{November 2008 - View from Hohensalzburg.}

Thanks to Jenny Matlock for hosting another round of Alphabe-Thursday!


  1. It looks so beautiful. I have always wanted to go away for Christmas but have never been able to. I am lucky enough to have other obligations and family members who need to be right here. But, if I could go somewhere I would take them all and celebrate away

  2. Wow! Magnificent photography of a very beautiful place ~ great choice for 'A' ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  3. I enjoyed visiting Austria with you! Thanks for the virtual trip!

  4. Oh it's all so Christmasy I can't wait to get out my decorations!

  5. Austria is so beautiful. I've never been there, but was in northern Italy and the photos look "familiar." Love the squares and the Alps! {:-Deb

  6. wow, i'm jealous of all your travels! all the photos are so gorgeous... now I can't wait for snow!


  7. I have heard the Christmas Markets are legendary - how you must cherish your travels there. Thank you for visiting my Alphabe-Thursday post. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Loved Loved the Calary Castle. We went there this weekend. Also Slazburg. So going to miss Europe. But really missed having Thanksgiving with the Roundtrees. Miss you HUGS!!

  9. Austria is beautiful! Right around this time is usually when I miss home (Germany) and it's Christmas markets - oh well... You selected the same theme my Alphabe- Thursday has: Travel :)

    Visiting from Alphabe- Thursday - mine for letter 'A' @ ImagesByCW is about 'my' Australia

  10. Austria is one of the top items on my bucket list.

    My Grandmother was Austrian.

    It looks like an amazingly enchanted place.

    Thanks for taking us there with you.