Thursday, November 29, 2012

Branson, Missouri

It's Thursday again, so that means time for Alphabe-Thursday.  Today we're talking about the letter "B".

B is for Branson {Missouri}.  

In 2010 we stopped in Branson on our drive across America.  It was Thanksgiving time (we had our Thanksgiving dinner there) and everything seemed to be decorated for the holidays.  We spent a couple days at Silver Dollar City (FUN little theme park) and the lights and decorations were beautiful.

{The kids were thrilled to have their picture taken!}

{Just some of the trees on dislplay at Silver Dollar City}

Looking through our pictures makes me want to go crazy decorating the house for Christmas!  How about you?  Do you go crazy with your Christmas decor??


  1. I love the giant wreath!

    We don't go super crazy decorating our home. We live in a condo, so we can't decorate the outside, but here's what we have inside: live wreath, fake (wish it could be live, but we have cats) tree, stockings, lights in the window in back that overlooks the balcony, Lego Winter Village sets on the window sills!

    Found you via Alphabe-Thursday :)

  2. We don't live that far from Branson, so usually go up and do a little Christmas shopping and check out all the lights. For years we bought season passes to Silver Dollar City and took our kids several times a summer. Now that they are grown, we take the grandkids occasionally.

  3. I love Christmas so I love to decorate! I just can't find the cool decorations like when my kids were younger. All the antimated Santa's and such. My oldest daughter and I have many Nativity Sets. They are my favorite part of the holiday! Cool trip with awesome photos. Your family is delightful! Have a terrific weekend!

  4. The wreath is absolutely Breathtaking...

    Brilliant post for the letter B...

    Thanks for linking.