Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Whoopie Pies

Being from the West Coast, I don't think I'd really ever heard of Whoopie Pies.  Or, at least, never tasted one.  Then we came to New England.  Every grocery store has Whoopie Pies.  Farmer's Markets, Apple Orchards, Pumpkin Festivals...Everyone sells Whoopie Pies!  We decided we HAD to try them.

{From a local grocery store bakery}

According to What's Cooking America, "Whoopie Pies are considered a New England phenomenon and a Pennsylvania Amish tradition.  Whoopie Pies have also been known as "gobs" in Western Pennsylvania."  I'm guessing the classic Whoopie Pie is chocolate, but I've seen them in all different flavors.  Oatmeal, chocolate mocha, chocolate mint, chocolate raspberry, pumpkin and many others.

{This one contains marshmallow fluff - YUM!}

It sounds like the classic New England recipe contains marshmallow fluff in the filling, but I've tried others that do not.

{From a nearby bakery}

{This was good, but reminded me of something made by a little company called Hostess}

My favorite so far has been pumpkin.  It didn't contain the marshmallow fluff, but it was still delicious.
{From a nearby bakery}

Next up - I'm going to try to make some myself.  I just need to get me some marshmallow fluff!

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  1. Girl the pumpkin ones are awesome! And I have a recipe for Red Velvet with peppermint cream I can scrounge up for you if you'd like!

  2. sadly, I never tried one before I would love to try the one with the marshmallow fluff. looks quite delicious!

    great W post. have a sweet day!

  3. Those look really yummy. Have yet to try a whoopie pie.

  4. I'd better not try them or I'd eat the whole box!! They sure look good!!

  5. Our friends from Pennsylvania introduced us to Whoopie Pies several Christmas's ago! They are delicious but tedious to make however! I think I'll brave the pumpkin ones you show above, that might be more simple than a pie! :)

  6. Tantalizing pics of the whoopie pies. Which recipe do you use?

  7. I'm an LA girl, but growing up, we did have moon pies which were like whoopie pies, I guess. There were awful though. We'd get them from the grocery store. The bakeries didn't have them. The real deal looks awfully delicious!

  8. Ok so should I make my order now or when I come to your house. Just saying. They look yummy.

  9. Oh man.

    These looks so scrumptious.

    They have the chocolate ones at Trader Joes!

    I've made the pumpkin ones before but they didn't use marshmallow fluff.


    This made me seriously crave a wonderful whoopie pie!

    Thank you for linking.