Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vintage? Lamps

I have these old lamps in the living room.  I don't think they are actually Vintage, but I wanted to play along with Jenny Matlock and her Alphabe-Thursday and this weeks letter is V.  We bought these lamps when our oldest was just a baby - He's going to be 21 soon!  We ordered them from JCPenney's - back before the INTERNET!  We found them in the CATALOG and had to fill out the order form by hand and mail it in!  Remember those days??  Anyway...

I'm tired of these lamps.  They're OLD.  But hey, they still work and new lamps are expensive, so I'm keeping them.  Yesterday I decided they needed an update.  Here's the lovely before -

{The shades are not original, but are about 8 years old.  I should update them as well!}

Shiny glass with brass trim.  And these are Mike's FAVORITE lamps!  I decided to wrap the bases in twine.  I'd seen lots of them on Pinterest - Most with thicker twine.  It took forever to wrap my lamp base with the smaller twine, but I like how it turned out.  Mike's reaction?  "What are you doing to my favorite lamps?!"

For more on the letter V - be sure to head over to Jenny's.


  1. Vintage lamps are fun, and you did a good job with this one.


  2. I love them! They turned out great!

  3. Hi Monica ~~ Before I forget it, I want to say that I like your Happy Face Pumpkin. Our three-year old also likes it. She is bringing her small pumpkin tomorrow to her show-and-tell at her pre-kindergarten class. I hope she can remember yours with the Happy Face.

    I like your wrapped lamps. The course twine wrap goes real good with the checkered shade. Now you can enjoy a new look while you wait for them to become VINTAGE. :)

    It wasn't Oro Grande because that is out of the mountains and I would have tried to make it on home on just the battery. It was after Santa Rosa I think but it might have been Santa Rosa. I won't go back to find out. We were really glad to come up on it that night. It was really late as we had left Nebraska early that morning and were planning to drive straight threw.
    BTW, after I left the service I went with Philco Tech Rep Field Engineering and was assigned at the New Boston (just west of Manchester), New Hampshire, Air Force Satellite Tracking Station. We tracked spy satellites and did the installation. Next phase was for me (and others) to train the Air Force personnel how to operate it. We were working ourselves out of a job. tells of the present day operation.

    1. From above, "Our three-year old ... " is our youngest grandchild who lives in London, U.K. We hadn't seen her since July when they came to Texas.

  4. Those look really cute! Aren't you glad you got that huge spool of jute! It comes in handy! Mom

  5. I don't know, I think I like the before, never quite a fan of twine though. for some reason, I am remind of the leg lamp from that christmas movie which I can't seem to remember the title now.

    have a great day.

  6. Pinterest has a lot of creative ideas, don't they? Looks like you put those ideas to good use!

  7. I love the twine!

    And that cute, vintage-y looking pumpkin box!

    I have lamps that have been spray painted, glittered, and covered on mosaic. I'm moving on to twine for their next incarnation!

    CleVer girl!

    Men just have no clue!


    Thanks for sharing your creatiVity.