Thursday, August 30, 2012

Outdoor Door

I ripped out some flowers (you can't even tell because there is SO much going on in this flower bed) then I ?installed? an outdoor door.  We're slowly bringing the yard from previous owners to OURS.

This project involved power tools.

Go me!

Linking to:  Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday.  Come back next week to see how I Planted a bicycle!
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  1. Love your outdoor door! A door leading to nowhere -- what could be better than that! Bike planting would be so much fun too!!

  2. I love it! Where did you get the door? What kind of power tools did you use? I'm so proud of you....I usually have to ask Dad to help me! Love you - Mom

  3. I put a an old door going nowhere outside this year, too! It's my favourite part of my deck revamp. Love your's!

  4. I know what you mean, it took us a long time before we changed the front yard lawn into a rose garden...and then we moved two years later! Good I took plenty of pics.
    That door really fits!!

  5. It would be so awesome if you thought it led nowhere, but then one day, for no particular reason you open it and.... it leads to a parallel universe! :O So cool :D You never know, it might happen :D Outdoor doors are always surprising people....
    Nice 'O' post :D

  6. Fabulous! Simply fabulous! I love the idea of an outdoor door. I also love power tools, and have some of my very own! Great "O" post!!

  7. reminds me of narnia :3


  8. Monica!


    What an outstanding idea!

    I love your outdoor door!

    You are really clever!

    Thanks for sharing your creativity.