Thursday, May 10, 2012


The movers come Monday!  Yikes!

Zac got Joey's bed, Joey sleeps on the futon and the dog found a comfy spot on the futon cover that needs to go to the laundromat!  Christmas bins have been taken from the attic and piled in front of the fire place.  Yikes!

The walls in the living room are almost bare.  The curtains are down.  The tv is boxed up.  The sectional has been taken apart and vacuumed.  Yikes!

Books, CD's, DVD's, BluRay's and figurines have been taken from shelves, dusted and boxed up.  Yikes!

Zac's room has been turned into a place to store everything we don't want the movers to touch.  See the blue tape on the wall?  Mike marked off the measurements of the small U-Haul trailer we'll be renting so he can practice loading it!  Yikes!

This morning I almost couldn't find sugar for my coffee.  Yikes!

Last night the microwave died.  I drink my coffee so slow, I usually have to heat it back up at some point.  Now I can't!  Yikes!

Hope you have a good weekend.  We'll be doing some packing.  Yikes!

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  1. Moving totally sucks...but you are a pro! Excited for your new adventure!

  2. wow! good luck to you all ... moving in itself is such an adventure!

  3. Yikes!! I hate moving! Did that so many times
    in my life that I have no idea how many.
    It's 6 years now in the same house and you
    will have to carry me kicking and screaming
    to get me out of here...haha
    Love your Y post!

  4. I haven't had too move in 20 some years - the thought of it now would be rather scary!

  5. Not fond of moving, but I sure like the forced organization once I arrive and get unpacked!


  6. What a day! I so don't like packing. I love unpacking though!

  7. A physical move forces you to take inventory. I'll stick to a virtual move any day♫♪

  8. I'm kinda/sorta giggling over those blue tape marks! My Dad used to do that, too, Miss Monica!

    I'm glad you get to move. It never sounded like that was home!

    Good luck on the move!

    And thanks for taking the time to link to the letter 'Y'.