Thursday, May 3, 2012


The dictionary defines eXcessive as:
"More than is necessary, normal, or desirable; immoderate."

I have a lot of ink pens.  A LOT.  A whole LOT.

It all started with this pen from Legoland Windsor in England.

We were in the gift shop at the end of our visit and I wanted a souvenir...but what's a mom of three (at the time) going to do with Legos??  Then I found the pen and decided it would be a useful souvenir.  The price wasn't bad either.  I actually think that Hollywood, California pen might have been my first, but it wasn't till Legoland that I decided to start collecting them.

Some might call it eXcessive.  But pens are useful.  No?

Told you I had A LOT.  I always have one in my purse.  They come in handy when you need to jot something down and it's fun to remember the place they came from.

I have 30 floating action pens from all over the world.

I have 30 pens from England and Scotland.  Oh, one is actually from Ireland.  It was given to me by a friend.

I have 12 pens from Italy.  Five from Switzerland.  Three from Germany.  A few from Paris.

I have pens from Disneyland.

I have pens from California, Washington DC, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Oregon, Washington and Arizona.

Then there's the pile of random hotel pens.

What do you think?  eXcessive?  Or useful?  I'm just gonna stick with useful.  :)

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  1. I have several jars of pens also! I believe they are all useful in their own way.....

    Let's not talk about how many cookbooks I have, that's excessive...

  2. Oh my gosh what a fun post, I guess I never really looked at pens as collectable :O)

    Thanks for stopping by fellow Oregonian!


  3. yes, they are very useful. I too, carry pens around. And now I've been buying art pens. A favorite past time! {:-Deb

  4. My two favorite pens are in my purse. God help anyone who tries to take them! Occasionally, I go through my desk and throw out the pens that skip or are dry. I show no mercy. That's what happens when one gets old. "Scrape 'um off, I say!!"

  5. I love pens and always keep at least two of them in my purse. My hubby never replaces a pen top so I buy him "clicky" pens! The ones that have no top to lose! Ha Ha!

    You have a wonderful collection. I think that is a great collectible!

    Have a terrific weekend and Happy Mother's ay!

  6. I'd frame these pen pics and hang them on the wall where I write. Frantastic.

  7. Visiting from Mrs Matlock’s, thanks for stopping by and look forward to *seeing* you again soon!

    Xciting post – so apt!

    Have a good weekend too.

  8. oh I totally agree with Naperville ... and you can never have too few pens ...

  9. Come email me. I had some things to talk with you and your email will not come up for me. I am unsure what happened why I can not e mail. I am I think we have lots in common. I'd like to get to know you better. Plus I do these pens! Hugs Anne

  10. I do love those pens! Duh! I missed editing too! LOL!

  11. Maybe I can borrow a few ...I always lose 'em! Great post for Alphabe!

  12. not eXcessive-a very useful collection! AND they don't take up much space!

  13. Wow. I'm impressed! All of the pens I have on my desk don't work. ha! I kept trying to use them and putting them back.

    Thank heavens for pencils.

    And the electric pencil sharpener on corner of my desk!

    This was really a cute post, Miss M!

    Thanks for the smile.

    Hope your Mothers Day was Xcellent!