Saturday, May 19, 2012

Party for Two

You know what's fun?  Spending four days with movers in your house, then on the fifth day, throwing a birthday party for two of your kids!  It really was fun, but we're TIRED!

Jenny's birthday is today and Joey's is next Friday, so last night we invited a few friends over and had a kind of last minute party for them.

I saved a few decorations from the movers hands, blew up some balloons and came up with this.
(I used these banners at a birthday party for them a couple years ago)

We didn't order the cake ahead of time.  Mike picked it up the day of the party, so it was either a rainbow or flowers!

I also pre-scooped the ice cream like I've seen on Pinterest.  I just didn't get a picture of it.  The kids just picked it up and ate the ice cream out of the papers like it was an ice cream cone!
Pinned Image

I put snacks in the same muffin papers I'd put the ice cream in.  It's a mix of animal crackers, Fruit Loops, pretzels and Cinnamon Chex.

Cookie stole two snack cups and one piece of pizza, so she got put in doggy jail for a while!

We rented this inflatable jousting thing.  It's huge and barely fits in our yard.  I tried it once and about passed out - that is hard work!  It's also a little scary when those platforms start wiggling!  We have it all weekend and the kids are having a blast.  

Jenny, the birthday girl.

Joey, the birthday boy, fights big brother, Zac.

Taylor and Haley had to give it a try too.

I think the party was a big success...and my headache went away not long after it was over!

Today, Jenny is 12...Just like her sister Haley!  They'll be the "same" age until Haley's birthday in June....and then she'll be a TEENAGER!!!!  (Haley, that is!)