Monday, April 30, 2012

Red Scrappy Lamps

Seems like I've been working on these lamps forever.  I'm still not actually done with them, but I've finished ONE and decided to go ahead and share.

I found these Better Homes & Gardens lamps at WalMart in the clearance section last fall.  I don't think I even paid $5.00 each.  Pretty good deal!

After I found the lamps, I was on the look out for shades.  I found these ugly things at a thrift store for $1.00 each.  I thought they were old - They looked to me like something you'd find in a 60's ranch house.  Turns out they sell them new - At WalMart.   They are also Better Homes & Gardens!

I decided to rip the shades/liners off and paint them black.  (I guess I didn't get pictures of that part)  The shades were glued on well, so it took a while!

I also needed the harps to hold the shades to the lamps.  I found these (BH&G) at WalMart.  I think they cost more than the lamps!

I sprayed the lamps red and the shades and harps black.

Since the tops and bottoms of the shades were going to show, I decided to wrap them in black grosgrain ribbon.

Here you can see I've started tying the scraps of fabric on.  

I cut strips of fabric (about 1 inch wide) from a bunch of red, black and white fabric I had.  I just started tying the strips to the shade until I had this:

I'll wait and finish the second lamp after we move.  I may want to put it in a different spot and add more color to it.

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