Monday, May 2, 2011

We saw ALIENS!

Saturday we decided to take a drive over to Roswell, New Mexico. You know, the place where the Aliens landed in 1947! Not that we believe that or anything. We just thought it would be a fun day. (And there is a Target in Roswell!)

We saw this hill along the way with a cross on top. I HATE taking pictures from the car, but you get the idea.

This church reminded me so much of the churches we'd see on our drives through Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria...Only there's A LOT more green in Europe!

We didn't think we would EVER get there! Especially with Joey in the back asking, "When are we going to get there?!"

We finally arrived. The town was bigger than I'd thought it would be and quite interesting.

This shop was fun. I know I said we don't believe in this stuff, but we all kinda thought the man working here just might have been an alien!

After looking in a few shops, we decided to head over to the International UFO Museum and Research Center.

There was A LOT of reading to do in the museum, which some of us found boring. Show me the aliens!

Lots of art work to be seen.

Crop Cirlces. Phenomenon or Hoax? I'll have to ask Zac and Taylor if they learned anything here.

The "man" on the left almost looks as if he's talking to Jenny!

All the street lights on Main Street looked like this.

These two little guys were outside the museum. Everyone put their museum "pass" (sticker) on the aliens.

I think Haley wanted to take them home!

We followed these alien footprints to one more souvenir store.

Then we went in this cool antique shop.

Who else remembers H.R. Pufnstuf?!

The kids were getting bored, so next we were off to McDonalds for a drink and a little play time. Even McDonalds got in on the space theme!

Arby's Welcomes Aliens!

And KFC will leave the light on for them!

And, did I mention there was a Target? Quite possibly the best part of the day!

On the way there and back, we drove through some Billy the Kid country. We'll have to go back and check that out sometime.


  1. How cool! I've driven by Roswell but never stopped. I definitely need to, it looks like so much fun.

    That's one thing I've always admired about you. You just take your fun right along with you no matter where you are.

  2. That looked like it was one fun trip, yes indeed! I love the antique shop! Way coolio!

  3. I want to go! Id love to see the Billy the Kid stuff too! :)