Monday, April 25, 2011

I want to ride my BICYCLE!

We have a garage full of Bicycles. There ARE 7 of us, so you'd expect 7 bicycles, but 12?! Yep, we have 12!

Here's Mike's Surly.

And his Trek. And look behind the Trek. I can't remember what it is, but it doesn't even have tires. I think that's the one he had my mom bring over to England for him when we lived there. Yep. She brought it on the plane for him! ;)

This is Mike's 4th bike. It's an old Haro. (Maybe this is the one mom brought to England???) I can't remember if he used to own these two older (smaller) bikes, or if he put these together himself. He loves bikes, but I like to tease him about having FOUR. Because he wants ANOTHER one!

Here's the old bike I bought a few weeks ago. I mentioned it here. I'd thought about painting it, but I like it as is. I just gave it a squirt with the hose. I still need to get some flowers for the basket, but he's all set up in the backyard. If it weren't so darned windy, I'd "plant" my $1.00 Habitat Restore Door behind the bike too.

Here's my Electra Bikes Black Betty. Isn't she pretty? And I don't even like pink!

Here's Little Man's.

Here's Benny's.

Big H's bike.

T's bike.

And Gigantor's. I'm just kidding about "Gigantor". He is 6'5" though! Look how high the seat is! (Love you, Zac!)

Here's Benny's old one we need to sell. And up until our garage sale a couple Saturday's ago, we had 13 bikes! I forgot we got rid of one that day.

I'm joining Jenny again for Alphabe-Thursday. Go check out all the other players.


  1. I've been thinking I'd like to get a bike...I use to ride a lot in my youth! Nothing like the wind in your hair and the charlie horse in your calf! LOL...great post!

  2. Hey,I'm visiting from Alphabe Thursday,I'm newest follower, Your "B"ikes are sure lookin like they just need a ridin'.I'm newest follower,come follow back and see the "B"ooks and "B"runch we're Having in the "B"edroom .teehee

  3. I have to laugh at this one. I have six or seven bikes and the same amount of skiis in my garage and none of them are mine! They are all my son's who doesn't have room at his house for them..


  4. Stop...I can't take it anymore! I want to ride my bicycle(s)!

    Dear Spring.
    Come. Please come to Idaho so I can ride my bike.

  5. That's a lot of bikes for sure. Very nice collection. I retired my bike a few years back after I face planted going down a hill...

  6. New follower from Alphabe-Thursday.
    I just got back on my bike after 9 weeks recuperating from a broken arm--falling off said bike. I refuse to let the bike win!

  7. I have a bike in our shed I haven't used since I got married. I think I plan on riding it again

  8. Love this post, girlie! Those bikes are fabulous! ESPECIALLY Black Betty!!

    Miss you!

  9. HI!!! I havent been on a bicycle in YEARS! ...until this past WEdnesday! How neat! I am sooo glad that once you now how to ride, you can get right back on it and "tah-dah!" I am behind on my Alphabe-Thursday post, but next week I was thinking of writing about our Wednesday adventure "C" for cycling :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    and...I am sooo behind on blog stuff, so in the event I didnt come by to say thank you for your lovely visit...Thank you! Please come back any time :o)

  10. We have five bikes on the back porch...three for the girls, one that doesn't work and one we're storing for a friend.


    Neither my husband or I ride them!

    This post was really cute...loved the one outside! And the door is really neat, too!

    Thanks for linking up!


  11. lots bikes at home for kids when they are young.
    sweet take on B.