Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesdays with Gus the Horse

Before we left Italy, Zac found this horse at our church. He brought him home and named him Gus. We decided it would be fun to follow Gus on his travels to and through America. Gus lay forgotten for a while, but we decided to bring him out again and let him have his own day on the blog.

Friends, meet, Gus. The Horse.

November 18, 2010. Gus is ready to leave Aviano, Italy with Zac.

He says, "Come on! Let's go already!"

Fast forward many hours. Gus and Zac have arrived! They're walking through the airport in Baltimore, Maryland!

The next day...Gus buys a ticket for the train. He's going downtown!

Here he is on the train.

He found two cute girls (aka - Jenny and Haley) to sit by.

Wow, Baltimore is COLD! He needed Joey to keep him warm.

"This cannon is cool! And check out the view of the harbor!"

"I pledge allegiance..."

"Would you LOOK at all that cheesecake?"

Gus' first visit to an American mall. "WHAT is that? THAT is NOT Italian food!"

Gus liked trying on shoes and clothes.

He had no interest in this store. He thought it looked lame.

Gus had tons of fun on all the escalators!


"This. Is. Awesome! With clothes like these, I won't need to hide out in Joey's coat!"

Gus' first day in America was LONG. It was back to the hotel with the family for a good night's sleep!

Next week, Gus goes to Washington D.C.!

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