Thursday, May 5, 2011

She's Crafty!

It's time for the letter C!!

C is for Crafts. Here are some that I've been working on...

Here's a bag I made before our trip to Disneyland. I even made a Mickey "flower" to pin on it.

Headbands with flowers.

I cleaned this pickle jar,

Then added this,


and make...


I painted our boring wood banana holder.

I painted this clock.

And now it looks like this!

I've been sewing a lot lately.
Tag blankie.

Ruffle Butt onesie.

Flower headband.

Headbands, flower pins and Maddie Bee apron tops.

Haley's been getting crafty too!

I need to get her some polymer clay and she could make things like this:
Shay Aaron Miniatures

Go check out the rest of the Alphabe Thursday C's at Jenny's blog.


  1. You're wicked with the craftiness! I enjoy seeing what you are up too! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!!

  2. Everything you make is so bright and colorful! I'm sure you make everyone feel happy!!

  3. Looks to me like you're the kind of person who makes everything she touches a whole lot better!


  4. Being crafty is cool! It looks like you really, really enjoy yourself, too. =D

    Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

    Read today's posts ...
    C is for…Alphabe-Thursday

  5. Oh the crafty creations you've made! Love 'em all :) !

  6. Good Stuff indeed!!! Especially love the headbands and the sweet apron:)

  7. Girl! You really are crafty. So many fun projects you've finished. What a great choice for the letter C!!

  8. Oh ! Wow!!! You have been very busy! Love your creations! And Haley's polymer clay creations are awesome :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thanks for visiting :o) I emailed you too :o) But wanted to stop by and see your C post!

  9. Love your banana stand. I should paint mine...

  10. Gurl!'ve been busy,love that banana stand,OH! so creative,and I thinkin' I got to copy cat with the pickle jar,this is awesome.You sew,paint,craft,take of your family and home,WOW,you are dy-no-mite!
    Love all these great idea's.
    And thanks for sharing!...I might need to borrow!
    ps..Haley is not only beautiful,she is crafty too,must take after mom.
    Happy Mothers Day!

  11. Wow you have been busy. Love the headbands and onesies!~Ames

  12. Hmmm....where did my comment go. Okay.

    I've never heard of those apron tops but they are so clever. What a fun idea! I bet the girls love them. I didn't know you could do ALL those things, girl. Impressive indeed.

    It looks like you're having a great time. It's neat to see your beautiful Haley finding her own artistic avenues to pursue!

    Cute link this week!

    Thanks for the smile.


  13. LoVe LOVE LOvE the aprons and headbands with matching flowers ;)