Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gus Says Goodbye to Baltimore.

Tuesdays with Gus continues as Gus eats out and goes shopping in Baltimore.

While waiting for the family to get ready, Gus watched some videos on Youtube.

Gus got to ride in a Mini Cooper with some friends of ours! He loved feeling the wind on his mane!

Gus reads the menu at TGIFridays.

Now for some shopping. First stop - Bass Pro Shops.

We're not outdoorsy, but that was a neat store! Gus liked watching the fish.

And trying on sunglasses.

And playing hide and seek. Can you find Gus??

How about now??

Gus wonders why these birds are so much bigger than he is!

Gus was wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

Now for more shopping. I think Gus likes Legos just like his brothers!

This 4-wheeler is just his size! Can you tell where we are now?

"Mmm. Cheese Balls!"

Time for a power nap.

Gus is a little more awake now. Time for a ride around the store.

"Pretty! Christmas decorations for my mane!"

"A camoflage Snuggie?!?!"

"Seriously? You can wear it while fishing? Are you kidding me??"

What a way to end the last night in Baltimore. The last night anywhere! Coldstone Creamery. Mmm.

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