Monday, April 25, 2011

We SLEEP with Scorpions!!!!

Not purposely, but Saturday night creepy Mr. Scorpion thought it would be ok to climb into bed with Mike and I! NO LIE!! I had NO idea this was even possible. I have chills typing this! Ewwwwww!

It was about 4:40am and I guess I was grabbing at the covers and about to roll over when I felt a slight sting on my arm. What in the world?! I went in to the bathroom and didn't see anything on my arm, but it was still stinging slightly. I decided I better go in the bedroom and turn on the light so I could see if there was something in the bed. I was SO NOT ready for what I saw...A little (I say little, but really, it was TOO big to be in MY BED!) scorpion crawling up close to Mike's pillow as he lay there soundly sleeping. I don't know what I said to him, but he threw those covers off and got out of that bed SO fast. (That part of this story makes me LAUGH! Wish I had it on film!) We were both totally freaked out. We knew we couldn't squish it while it was on the soft mattress (and who wants THAT on their mattress anyway?!) so I went for the vacuum. Stupid thing crawled around to the back of the headboard! Mike ended up knocking it to the floor and squishing it to DEATH.

I don't know what he did with it after that, but as long as it's DEAD I don't care!

We were up for at least an hour after that, looking up scorpion stings online. I say "we", but I mean Mike. I couldn't do it. The whole thing was making me sick! We finally decided we should go back to sleep. I grabbed a zip up hoodie and put it on - zipped it up and put on the hood and we went back to bed. Don't laugh at me. It made me feel better! I can say I didn't sleep much after that though. Didn't sleep well last night either. But really, what are the odds that it will happen again? It won't. Right? Tell me it won't!

But then...I looked around online and I found this...

Scorpion Safe

Is this a common occurance?! WHY would anyone create such a thing?! Oh, man...I don't think I'm EVER going to sleep again. I SO wish it would have been a spider in my bed. I haven't told the kids about it...Taylor, I hope you don't read this blog! Oh, the kids! What if this happens to the kids?!

*I'm ok, by the way. Well, I'm not sick or anything like that. Just TOTALLY freaked out!


  1. Holy Cow Batman!!! I don't blame you for never sleeping again!!! Ewwwww....*shudder*!!

  2. I lived with roaches in college apartments. shudder! I slept with cotton in my ears because I was afraid they might go into my ears and get stuck because they can't back up. ewwwww. I'll tell you more about that some time. I feel your pain.