Thursday, April 21, 2011

A is for...

ANOTHER trip down to El Paso?!?! Ugh, we were just there yesterday!

Mike & I left Alamogordo about 8:30 in the morning. He even brought some road trip music. Just so you know, this would not be his usual choice. He just felt like being funny.

This is what it looks like most of the way. Exciting, huh?

One of the first things we see as we enter El Paso. This sign for McCoy's - Reminds me of friends back in Italy.

First stop (and no pictures) Mike's 10:40 appointment at an Army hospital. (He's ok. It was just a follow up for his knee. They send us away for everything - we just have a tiny clinic here in Alamogordo.) THREE hours later we were out of that place...Only to have to come back to pick up some paperwork.

go ARMY!!

When they told Mike he needed to come back for paperwork, they said we could eat lunch in the hospital. Sorry. I didn't drive an hour and a half to eat lunch in an Army hospital! Instead, we went to Ay Tenampa - Tacos al Pastor. It was pretty darn good.

The waiter talked us in to this appetizer. I forget what it's called and couldn't understand half of what he said when he explained it - I think it's broiled cheese with jalapenos and pork. It came with these yummy tiny corn tortillas.

I ordered 6 tacos. There were 3 pork and 3 beef and they came with half an avacado, radishes, lime and cilantro. AND they were in the same tiny tortillas, so don't go thinking I'm a pig for ordering 6 tacos! (I only ate 4!)

Mike got the Mexican plate. Cheese enchiladas, chicken flautas, chile rellenos and a tostada.

You can't really tell, but this picture is just a fraction of the shopping center we were in. The shopping center I could've spent THREE hours in if we'd known Mike's appointment would last that long!

We had to stop at Krispy Kreme too. Mike felt bad for missing a whole day of work (did I mention we were in El Paso YESTERDAY for a different appointment??), so bought donuts to take in tomorrow...and YES, we got donuts for ourselves too. I also bought this iced Mocha, but didn't drink it cuz it was nasty!

Closer to home we drive through the small town of Oro Grande. There is always a yard sale going on here (I think the sign is tipped over under the speed limit sign), but we passed through too late in the day so didn't stop. It looks like it'd be a fun place to pick. I'd love to stop sometime and walk through the town taking pictures.

That's all for now. I'm joining Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday. Go check out some of the other A entries.


  1. NONONONONO! Don't say ROAD TRIP to me! The last road trip my husband took me on was 7000 miles!!! I am so done! I do seriously like the photos of your food. It really looks yummy, but if I can't get it around the corner from my house, well, I'll pass!!

  2. OH!! Did I tell you before that my dad retired from Holloman AFB, and that I graduated from Alamogordo High School...and I met my hubby when he was in the AF there...and we first lived there as newlyweds...and our first born was born at the hospital on Holloman? and... haha... carried away!

    I see that I already follow you, but need to have another "day off" to come back and catch up! Oro Grande is just a "blink of the eye" type of town! My 30th class reunion is this year...and we are thinking of going to long are you stationed there? That would be fun to meet up for some coffee or something if we do go and if you are still there.

    anywhooo... thank you for stopping by and thank your hubby for his military service!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  3. Between my first and second year of nursing school at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, I drove to California with two med students who were externing for the summer in Santa Monica. It was a very long, HOT trip ( that was over 45 years ago!! )via the Southern route ( I thought Texas would never end! ) through much desert - we overnighted in El Paso - I think the seat belt melted on my white shorts! I was so glad when we finally arrived in Los Angeles. I have since made that cross country trip about ten days - most recently when I was about 60 years old, with a girlfriend! We called ourselves Thelma and Louise and we stopped at every Dairy Queen en route and had a Blizzard. I must have gained ten pounds on that trip!

    My Alphabe Thursday is at:

  4. I like the way you format your photos. It reminds me of old home movies....I was in El Paso once, for a few hours, as I waited for a train. I still remember eating some rather yummy Mexican food somewhere downtown. Not what I ate,but that it was very yummy. Now, I want some Mexican food.

  5. Oh, I think you should stop in that town and walk never know what you might discover

  6. Love the photos!! And Judas Priest is damn good travelin' music! I've seen them 6 times! LOL

  7. Oh my gosh. I must be hungry. That Mexican food looked SO good!


  8. Now I'm gonna have to find out the name of that Appetizer. Looks yummy. Thanks to your husband for his service, and here's hoping his knee heals completely soon so you can stay home a bit.

  9. Sorry you had to sit there for so long. It looks like your lunch was wonderful. Have a great Easter weekend!

  10. I love Mexican food as well.
    eating your favorite food means a long wait, but it worth it.

    bless you.
    Happy Sunday.

  11. I'd love a good road trip....
    Your looks fun...and yummy:)

  12. Hi! I'm so excited to see you linked here! My sister used to live in El, there is some great food there. I was thinking about having leftovers for dinner, but I may have to coerce my husband into taking me out to dinner!

    Gosh, we are so close now. I gotta haul myself over to Texas one of these days!

    Thanks for linking!

    I'm still smiling because it was you!


  13. You crack me up! I would be freaked out if that happend to me... ugh I just got chills thinking about it! You are making me homesick! Love the blog.. look forward to exploring more when I have time!