Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Afternoon in the Clouds

Ok, not really. We spent Saturday afternoon in the town of Cloudcroft. (We did ok at the garage sale, by the way. We're glad to be done with it though.)

Cloudcroft is about 25 minutes away from us and almost 4,000 feet higher in elevation (at about 9,000 feet.) It was much cooler up there than it is down here. I can see us making the trip many times during the summer! Anyway, it's a small mountain village with a western feel.

We did a little shopping. (I bought a shirt that says, "I love trees"! I'm sure it was meant for the tree hugger type, but I love my family and we are Trees!)

We ate gelato and I had a cappuccino. (neither were very good)

We looked through a few of the many thrift shops. We bought lots of books! We even found some free stuff.

We found a great book store, but the kids were getting restless so I took them to the playground.

Jenny even found a friend.

I'd like to go back sometime - Maybe without the kiddos. I saw a neat jewelry store below the book store!


  1. Cool! The husband and I stopped in Cloudcroft a few years ago on our road trip through NM. We loved the town. I bought myself a cute wrap-around skirt in one of the shops. We had a fun encounter with a guy named Steve at one of the thrift shops. He was excited seeing the husband in his Foreign Legion get-up, which he, the husband, has to wear for sun protection. We would definitely stop there again.

  2. :o) A couple of my memories of Cloudcroft...going tubing with some of my high school friends in the winter snow... and picking Bing cherries at a "pick "em yourself" cherry orchard with my mom (also lost a contact while up in the cherry trees!)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (It is so fun to read your posts about your experiences in that area and that also bring back my memories of a part of the time when I lived there!