Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tutorial PART TWO (finally!)

Sorry for the delay! We've been busy trying to get ready to move, but I snuck some time out today to finish this bag! :)

First you're going to need some large paper. I take it from my kids!

Set your iron to a medium heat - NO steam!

This is some plastic "fabric" I did a long time ago - See how it didn't fuse all the way? I've noticed the brown bags do that. You want to sandwich your plastic layers between two sheets of paper. I ran the iron over it again.

Keep the iron moving. I usually go in circles. Don't let it sit in one place for long - Say, for example, to take a picture! The plastic will MELT! How long it takes depends on the type of plastic and the size. Just keep moving and keep checking.

Here, I'm about to sandwich the plastic layers between two sheets of paper.

These are the same sheets of plastic fused together. Be sure to let it cool some before you try to take apart the "sandwich".

When you're using a printed plastic, be sure to put at least one layer of solid plastic on top. The plastic on the right is already fused. On the left I'm placing a sheet of white plastic on top of the printed plastic.

Here's the pattern I used. This will make a bag that is 10 1/2" high x 11 1/2 wide x 6" deep. I use about a 1/4" seam allowance.

Find some finished "fabric" pieces that will be big enough for your pattern when sewed together.

I sewed the pieces together, then top stitched with a zig zag. You'll want to make two of these.

Sew your two pieces together at the bottom and sides.

Now sew the corners.

I ironed together and sewed two strips for the handles.

The bottom, red Vogele Shoes piece I cut and sewed in to the corners for more support at the bottom.


  1. Monica this is too cool. I wish I could see one up close.
    How many did you make for the craft show.

    How is the packing going. Are you going to have to pack your sewing machine and send it now. How many times wil the movers come or is this the one and only time and if so....what will you do in the meanwhile?

  2. I can't believe I didn't know you had a blog! I was just trying to update my blog (I have been working on some projects and want to add some pictures of the inside of the house) and saw your comment on it. Hmm... Guess I better get busy now that I have a follower. BTW, I'm glad you have a tutorial on this. I was just thinking the other day that I want to make one of these with all the bags I brought back from England (and Italy, Germany...). Thanks for doing it! You are GREAT!

  3. WOW bags from England. i would really love that. This bag is terrific.