Friday, October 8, 2010

the 'Trees are on the Move

Sadly, our FIVE year vacation in Italy is coming to an end. We'll soon be moving back to the good ol' USA. Here are some sights from this week.

If you don't want them to pack something, you have to let them know.

My poor bike.

There goes the last of our stuff.


  1. Wow ~ this must be so hard! I imagine you're (#1), overwhelmed, & (2.) sad to say good-bye to Italy. BUT ~ you'll be much closer to your family & friends AND you have so many wonderful memories & pics of your "vacation!" Are you breathing a big sigh of relief now that all the packing is done? It's hard to believe you've been over there for 5 yrs. Oh my!

  2. BIG sigh of relief! I love having a clean house ;) but it IS sad.
    Right now I'm really missing my wall clocks! lol I have to wear my watch all the time now.

  3. Wow....looks like a TON of work, moving 'Trees. Glad to have you back state side! Be safe in your travels...{hugs}