Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Would YOU drink it if it came in a carton like this??

This is the milk we used to buy at our commissary. It always kinda made me nervous. Just WHAT is in that carton? Oh, and let's not forget trying to open the thing! Nine times out of ten it would rip as you opened it, which just made a LOVELY mess everytime you went to pour some into your coffee or onto your cereal!

We went to the commissary yesterday and were so excited to find THIS!

Now, as adorable as these cartons are, I think they scare me even more. Notice the NEW and IMPROVED twist off lid! No more ripping of the carton! HOORAY! But...all I know now is that this little cow likes to dance. There is nothing on this carton that tells me where this milk comes from. Is it in fact milk? Does it REALLY come from a cow? I'm thinking Conspiracy Theory here.....

Wait, are they trying to tell us that if we drink the "Chocolate Milk" we will get fat???


  1. Oh my, that is funny. I'm choosing to live in denial that chocolate milk is fattening!