Monday, August 17, 2015

Making Memories

We had a bunch of Disney Sing Along videos that we watched all the time when the kids were little.  This wasn't one of my favorites then, but I thought about it the other day as the older two kids were getting ready to head back to college.

We've been trying to make memories this summer.  (One reason I haven't been here on the blog much!)

{Lego time}

{Mom and the girls at the beach for the sunrise.}

{Mike and I took a drive (and short hike) up North with our college daughter.}

{Mike and I got to see Thomas the Tank Engine while on a trip up North.  Our boys used to LOVE Thomas.}

{The younger kids are laughing at big brother.  His girlfriend said she'd give him $10 if he stood in the fountain!}

{We took a trip to the beach.}

{Two of the younger kids wanted to see if they could beat big brother in a race.}

{We had a lot of fun and we made a lot of memories, but this summer kind of went by in a blur!}

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