Monday, October 6, 2014

Out and About - A Fall Drive

Day 6 

Yesterday we left the comforts of home and headed out to see the fall colors.  It actually doesn't take long.  All we really need to do is take a step out the front door and it is all around us.  We decided to venture out a little further.  With promises of ice cream or other treats, the kids reluctantly got into the car. 

We drove up to the General John Stark Scenic Byway. lists it as a good drive if you want to see fall foliage.  They also say:  This is a 34 mile circular route that connects the towns of Goffstown, Dunbarton, Weare, and New Boston and is named in honor of New Hampshire's best known Revolutionary War hero, General John Stark.  

We had seen something on tv about this route the other day, then I found it again online when looking for scenic fall drives through New Hampshire.  

For a little bit of history, you can read more about the byway and the towns along the way at  I'm thinking we should have read up on it a bit and maybe some of the homes and buildings would have been a little more familiar to us.

We were a little disappointed in that there were no places to pull off and take photos.  It was just kind of a see what shots you can get through the windshield kind of drive.  

The kids didn't even get ice cream and unless you call Pringles a treat, they didn't really get that either.  Oh, but they did get microwave popcorn from the persuasive Cub Scout that tried to force it on us!  

Hopefully we can get out to see more fall before its over.

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