Saturday, October 18, 2014

Halloween Brownies

Day 18

Joey had a Halloween party to go to today and asked if I'd make a dessert of some kind.  Finally last night he asked if I could make some brownies.  And could I make them red?  Like blood?  I didn't think I could...then this morning I found this recipe for

Hmmm...These looked like a perfect Halloween party treat!  But Joey didn't like the idea of cheesecake.  What could I do instead that did not involve going to the store?  I cut the brownies into bite sized pieces.  Joey and I stuck a half marshmallow on each brownie with some frosting, then stuck an M&M on the marshmallow with a bit more frosting.  Quick eyeballs!  

{If I hadn't run out of red food coloring while making the brownies, I would have mixed some with the white frosting and made the eyes look bloodshot!}

I had a party to go to as well and wanted to bring a treat.  I wanted to try the recipe WITH the cheesecake.  Since I was out of red food color, I added some black to the brownies and some orange to the cream cheese mixture.  They turned out perfect and tasted great.  I'll be keeping this recipe to make again.  

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