Friday, March 14, 2014


I'd say my decorating style is a bit quirky.  I love to look at decorating magazines and websites, but tend not to follow "rules".  I have no idea what the Pantone Color of the year is and I don't care.  If I like the way something looks on my wall, I'll keep if for years.  Even if we move again and again.

Here's a corner of our kitchen.  The Bob's Big Boy sign is a recent find.  (Clearance at Hobby Lobby)

I grew up eating at Bob's Big Boy.  I wish there was one near me now.  I'd love some Hot Fudge Cake!

The sign above the window is in reference to Napoleon Dynamite.  (It's also something my husband yells to the kids when it's dinner time!)

I don't really care for the brass curtain rod on the window (it came with the house), but it works well to hang the bouncy ladybug!  He was a "you break it you buy it" kinda thing from a quirky shop in New Mexico.  Son broke it, we bought it, husband fixed it, now he hangs proudly in the kitchen.
{He reminds me of Francis the Ladybug from A Bug's Life.}

I loved my kitchen curtains so much I painted a desk in a similar pattern.  

I love having a chalkboard wall.  I usually change it with the seasons, but we seem to be stuck in winter (which I don't mind at all!), so I'm not sure what to put on the wall!

After a long absence, I'm linking up to Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday.


  1. Welcome back. I don't live in a model home and I don't want my house to look that way either. I figure it's my house and it should be what I like. You should enjoy your quirky decor. I have memories of Big Boy too. When I was pregnant the first time 45 years ago I was very sick. On the rare occasion I felt like eating the only thing I could tolerate was a Shoney's Big Boy burger.

  2. I'm not a fan of houses that are cookie cutter perfect. I like my old house with all its quirks! I enjoyed visiting you today. Have a wonderful weekend.