Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Is Spring in the Air?

I'm not really sure.  Not that I want it to be.  I love winter.  Fall comes in a close second, then spring.  I'm not a huge fan as it means summer will soon be upon us.  I loathe summer.  The heat.  The humidity.  The sweat.

Back to spring.  It is March.  I think I heard birds singing this morning.  It's supposed to reach 50 today.  But our yard still looks like this.

I can't believe anything can live under all this snow.

We're supposed to have more snow this week.  These boots won't be put away anytime soon.

What are you doing to get ready for spring?  I had my first Shamrock Shake of the season yesterday.  I've THOUGHT about doing some cleaning around the house.  I'd love to clean my windows, but it's too cold for that.  I've thought a little about what to plant in our garden this year, but I have no idea when we'll even see the garden, let alone be able to plant anything in it!

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