Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nothing but the Sun Porch

I've been so busy painting the sun porch I haven't really done anything else for the last 5 days.

Today I remembered this light I found on Pinterest and I remembered I bought a colander like this (but better) at a thrift shop recently.  I think I'm going to put one of these in the sun porch!
Mini Colander Pendant by Flea Market Rx

I love this number 7 on this old cabinet door.  I don't know that I'd put it in the sun porch, but I have a 7 almost like this and I have a different wall I could put it on.
beadboard cabinet door & old gas station number...Seven!

I'm really hoping to paint the door from the sun porch to the kitchen red like this.  
aqua wall - red door

If I paint the door red, I want it to say hello, like this:
Red Door.  Sun Porch - with Hello.  (Goodbye on other side.)

I'm hoping to finish tomorrow so I can move on to other projects around the house.

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