Thursday, September 12, 2013


It's so quiet around here.  The big kids are back in college.  The younger three have all started school.
At 2:30 the younger three should have been headed home.  One stayed after school for drama club and the other two were at cross country practice.

Even the dog was quiet.  (Honestly, I could take this exact picture all day every day!)

I kind of miss this tiny room being filled with kids.  On the computer.  Watching movies.  On laptops. 

Making noise.

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  1. Funny how there are times where we wish we had some quiet time to ourselves - and eventually when it comes it's hard to get used to!
    I liked your posting for Q.

  2. That was the hardest thing to adjust to when my nest became empty....I grew up with a big family so I thrive with chaos...don't know what to do with myself some days....enjoy them!!!

  3. I am kind of enjoying my quiet, but every once in a while, I miss the chaos of teenagers in my house!

  4. I bet that is a change for you! Even when you only have one child, it is an adjustment when they are away. Hope you have time to enjoy it!

  5. I was just telling someone how I NEED my quiet time but sometimes the quiet does make me miss all the chaos of a house full of kids!

    I remember when the kids were young and the quiet always made me question what they were up to...

    This was a very high quality post for the letter "Q"!

    Thanks for linking.