Friday, July 12, 2013

Our Home

We've been living in our home for almost one year.  It's hard to believe it has been that long.  We were very busy trying to put the house together for the first several months.  Seems like it has slowed down some and now we're taking our time to finish the rest.

When the weather isn't bad we try to work on the yard.  Here is what the front is looking like so far.  I'd still like more flowers, but I think this is enough for this year.  I'm not in love with the holly or azalea bushes, but they're here, so for now they stay.  I think I know what I want to do next year.  I just need to start early!

I'm still looking for a few pieces for the front porch.  I'm going to paint this bench white and put it in this space, but I'd love a couple big comfy chairs for the end.  Maybe even a little old desk with flowers spilling out...more plants...It'll all take time.

We'd love to replace the porch light.  We just have to find something that doesn't hang so low that the door hits it when open.  I can't wait for this humidity to go away so we can sit out there.

Of all the painting I've done in the house, the chalkboard wall is my favorite.  I love changing it.  I decided to take it further and paint the wall on the left as well.  Not so much to use it as a chalkboard (there is a door and a window, so not much wall), but because I liked the black!  

I decided I didn't like the curtain on the window of the door, so I painted the window.  Thank you, Sara Mincy for the idea.  I love her fun colorful house.  Here is one of her windows.
sara's art* house: Painted Window

Here is my window.  (I also plan to paint the door red one of these days.)


I hope to share more of our home soon.  For now, go visit Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday for more on the letter H.


  1. I love your porch and I love your window. Gahhhhh! How did you do it? This is exactly what I need for my back door window. Can I come sit on your porch and drink Margaritas with you? I think I could handle the humidity as long as I had a margarita in my hand. ;)

  2. You are doing so good on your house. We broke ground for ours yesterday! Woo hoo!

  3. Who said you couldn't just paint your window instead of putting curtains over it? Love the idea and your chalkboard wall! I've been thinking about painting one of my walls to be magnetic, but am afraid it will interfere with the computer wireless network in the house.

  4. The house is darling. I love what you've done to it. A few bright annuals (flowers) in front would really make it pop.

  5. THE CHALKBOARD WALL IS AWESOME!!!! If Amy's coming over to drink Margarita's on your porch...I'm coming I can draw on the wall! :)

  6. I love your porch and what a fun chalkboard wall!!!! I would have never thought to paint a window either. Great house! Thanks for stopping over!

  7. I absolutely love your pretty house. You want to sell? :) I'm wondering what state you live in. They just don't have homes like that around here.

  8. Love your front porch! The painted door glass is a terrific idea -- I might have do that in my bathrooms! Thanks for stopping by my H post!

  9. I missed you last week, Monica ~~ I too like that porch. Front porches are fun when you can sit and watch activities. It is nice that you have a sidewalk in front too. We don't have either a front porch or a sidewalk. We do have a pretty nice back porch that looks out on our lawn that borders the golf course. So we have have something to watch there too.

    I lived in Manchester back in the early 60's. New Hampshire is sooo pretty this time of year. Best I suppose was the blueberries followed by the snowy weather in winter.

  10. Oh wow!

    I love the painted window!

    And the chalkboard wall!

    And the bunting!

    And your cottage style home!

    And your decorating.

    And, and, and!

    What a happy home-filled link to the letter "H".


  11. So...When I read "Daytime" and "Nighttime" under the pictures of the painted window, I immediately thought of that video with the bird playing a game of Nighttime, Daytime.

  12. I want to add a blackboard wall to our guest room for our grandkids. My husband raises one eyebrow every time I mention it. LOL. I'm envying you.