Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lucca, Italy

It's Alphabe-Thursday and today we're studying the letter "L".  L is for Lucca.  Never heard of it?  We hadn't either.  We spent a few days near Pisa back in 2010 and wandered through nearby Lucca one afternoon.

The city is surrounded by walls that date back to the 17th century.
{Kids across the wall.  You can't tell, but they're up pretty high.  You can walk on the wall around the city.  It's kind of like a fort dotted with lookouts and hiding places.}

While visiting the town of Lucca, we decided to climb up the Guinigi Tower.  
{The building with trees in the center of the picture is actually the tower.}

The tower, owned by the Guinigi family, was added to their mansion in the late 1300's.  It was an emblem of prestige of the richest families. 

{The walk to the top was horrible, but the views were amazing!}

Going down...
{Starting the trip down.  I am as excited as I look!  I do not like heights - throw stairs into the mix and I am a mess!}

{Oh, my hands are sweating just looking at these pictures!}

{If this tower was built in the late 1300's I wonder what the stairs were like then??  Wooden ladders maybe?}

Aside from the walk up and down the tower, Lucca was a fun town to visit.  

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  1. I loved Lucca -- didn't make the climb, however, and am happy to live vicariously through your pix.

  2. What gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing them. It is wonderful to be able to see places and things we may never get a chance to see ourselves. Lovely L post!

  3. Oooh Lucca looks lovely! So pretty! Well done on climbing all those stairs - I wouldn't have liked that much either. :-)

  4. Beautiful pics. Great L word!
    I enjoyed visitng you for the letter L.

  5. Someday I want to visit Italy. I want to go when I can stay for a month or so...maybe when I retire...

  6. oh, I haven't been to Italy in years. So many of the pics are reminiscent of my own trip. I want to go back!

  7. Lucca has been on my list of places I want to visit for a long time--never made it in previous trips to Tuscany. Thanks for reminding me with the lovely pics.

  8. I love travelling vicariously through others' photos. I love the pic of the kids rollerblading along the wall.
    I was in Pisa back in 1991 but never ventured to time I hope :-)
    My post was about love and loneliness this week.

    1. Ooops had another look and realised they weren't rollerblading! With their arms outstretched it just looks that way!

  9. Monica! This is sooo neat! I love the feel of history here!

    What a lovely place!

    I'm with you on the height AND stair issue.

    Thanks for linking.