Thursday, August 2, 2012

K is for Kollage.

It's not actually, but Mrs. Matlock is on the letter K this week for this round of Alphabe-Thursday.  I haven't done well keeping up on my alphabet.  Up until now, I think I've only managed the letter H. 

We've been a little busy here!  Living in a hotel.  Moving out of a hotel.  And in to our OWN house!

We're not totally moved in yet.  Our things don't arrive till next week.  Now we're here with messes and piles just waiting for our things to get here so we (we being me) can decorate and arrange.   
Here's a look at our house and just for fun (and to play along with the alphabet theme), some things around the house that begin with K.

There's the all important Keurig so I can make my morning coffee.
There are many glass door Knobs and Keyholes.
For now, the dog's ugly Kennel sits in the Kitchen.  I can't wait to see it go!
There's the Keyboard I use to browse the internet.
Last, but not least, my Kitchen Aid...which I have yet to use, but I'm longing for pumpkin bread!

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  1. How much fun! Your house is so cute and I'll bet it will be so homey in no time..

  2. How Klever!!! we are in the process of moving right now! The packers are here, so I snuck off to get a little more computer time before they pack it up!! I know how relieved you will be to get settled in your new home. I know I will be too!!

  3. enjoy your great new home! the craftsman/bungalow style is one of my faves. You are going to love that porch! (I am jealous! My porch is miniscule!) You have lots of great Kword items that will help you and your family feel right at home very Kwickly!!!!

  4. I think the house is kozy and sweet! Klever word play here too! I love all your Kool stuff! Make sure ot have an awesome weekend. Remember to smile and breathe!

  5. This is a fun post. I know how it feels to wait for your stuff moving house - done it many times. Have fun decorating it all!

  6. Your house looks so KOOL! Can't wait for a photo tour!!

  7. Whew! I love the unpacking and setting up! The packing so much :o)

    I have a beautiful home and it will be fun to have everything in their place. (Are you all still active duty?) From birth to now, with all the military moves, etc...I am up to about...4 countries...9 states...15+ moves, not counting "interim rentals, etc" ...and I have loved every place we have lived :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (I am finally getting around to my blog visits for K and still have yet to join in for L! Thank you for your sweet comment!)

  8. Monica! What a kute house! This is my favorite kind of architecture!

    Love the keyholes! And those old glass doorknobs!

    Thanks for letting us peek!

    This was fun!

    Hugs and A+++++

  9. Monica- What a darling house! Know you will have fun making her your lovely home! Have you found the key yet to the china closet?? I sure hope you find it soon!